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Banker — Business Manager

Paris, France

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You are a banker and proud of it. Undeterred by the stereotypes, you know you are not just in it for the money. You are passionate about financial challenges, and you take a distinct pleasure in providing valuable support to companies. You know the ins and outs of every banking product: checking accounts, payment methods, cash flow management, credit, etc. You build long-term relationships with your customers, can identify their potential and offer assistance when they need it. You have always considered yourself to be a true financial partner and have never sold your clients a product they didn’t need.

On top of that, you are becoming more and more frustrated by the internal protocols you have to follow. You hate asking your clients to fill out yet another new lengthy form sent by your legal department. Despite the unavoidable administrative tasks, you always try to free up as much time as possible to focus on what really matters: your customers and their needs. The in-house tools you use drive you crazy, and you know it is entirely possible to do things much better.

By joining Margo Bank, you are giving yourself the chance to be the banker you’ve always wanted to be.



Your main focus will be your initial client portfolio, from acquisition to management and retention. As part of the sales team, you will contribute to the evolution of the bank’s Net Banking Income (NBI) while expertly addressing your clients’ needs.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Implementing a targeted sales effort to win over new clients;
  • Analysing the financial and economic health of your prospects and clients in order to offer tailored credit solutions and banking services;
  • Increasing the per customer NBI and monitoring its progression throughout the commercial relationship;
  • Managing your portfolio’s risk and ensuring compliance with all applicable procedures and regulations;
  • Voicing banker and client needs to the product team as part of our continuous efforts to improve of the quality of our services.


  • At least three years’ experience in a business center;
  • Previous experience building up a client portfolio from nothing;
  • A strong knowledge of corporate banking needs;
  • A deep understanding of standard banking products and services;
  • Mastery of financial analysis and risk management techniques;
  • A self-starter, but able to work well in a team;
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar.

We offer a great compensation package to all our employees including:

  • A competitive salary;

  • A supplemental health coverage plan (Alan), 80% of which is paid for by the company;

  • Stock options;

  • 80% reimbursement of monthly public transport pass (or a cycling bonus);

  • Luncheon vouchers.

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We have a simple, yet ambitious goal: to provide SMBs with the financial products and services they deserve by building a brand-new bank from the ground up.
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